How do I enter OFFRIDING AMS 2016?
Registration is now open via the registration page.

I do not know anyone else riding, can I sign up just by myself?
Yes, definitely! OFFRIDING brings together a group of likeminded people. So if you don’t know anybody when you arrive, you’ll know everybody when you leave. To make it simple for all - just be the first to greet and introduce yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Who can enter?
Anyone 18 years or older on May 12, 2016 may enter. If you are in doubt as to your fitness then you must have a medical check-up first.

How fit do I need to be?
You will need to be fit and healthy and trained for endurance events. If you are in doubt do check with your doctor. The event consists of four consecutive stages of 110-120km plus any detours you may take. The terrain is flat, but the surface is not great so it will start to wear you down. If you can do can do 2x130km on asphalt on consecutive days in training, you can probably do this event (the excitement and adrenaline will help).

Why is the submitted 100km/62mile time important?
It helps us get an idea of the group of people we have, so we can organize the event in a way that gives everybody the best possible experience.

How much does the OFFRIDING AMS 2016 cost?
OFFRIDING AMS 2016 costs €975 based on double occupancy and €1275 based on single occupancy.

What’s included?

  • Hotel accommodation from May 11-15 based on double rooms (single rooms available at a surcharge).
  • Dinner on May 11, breakfast and dinner from May 12-14 and breakfast on May 15
  • Crewed pit stops.
  • Mechanical support on call.
  • GPS Routes.
  • Baggage forwarding.
  • Storage for your bike bag or box during the event.
  • Ride captains (in principle offriding is about finding your own way, but we have ride captains available for those who would prefer some more guidance).
  • Mechanic available on first-come-first-serve basis (parts costs are extra).
  • Professional event photography & video.
  • Exciting awards for undefined categories (best bike conversion, worst dressed rider, etc).
  • Fun!

What’s not included?

  • Lunch (simply put, we have no idea where you’ll be, what awesome paths you might decide to explore. We will give you a few lunch options on- and off-course though, just in case you need our culinary recommendations on apple pie and pancakes).
  • Travel to and from the hotel in Amsterdam.
  • GPS device. You will need a GPS device in order to ride the event (or ride with somebody who has one). If you don’t own one, you can buy one from us prior to the event.
  • (Sightseeing) activities in your spare time.
  • Drinks.

Event Registration
When you enter online you will fill in an Event Registration form that will have all your personal details. This form together with full payment will confirm your place at OFFRIDING AMS 2016, subject to you being fit and healthy on the Start Line. You will sign on before the start when you pick up your rider package as well as sign a waiver document. All riders’ rights to entry are reserved and are at the sole discretion of the organizer.

What happens if I need to cancel my entry?
Please understand that event planning happens far in advance of the actual event. Therefore, most of the event costs are made long before the trip starts. If you have to cancel, you will receive the following refunds:

17 Weeks + before the start: 66% of the full entry fee

13-16 weeks before the start: 33% of the full entry fee

0-12 weeks before the start: 0% of the full entry fee

Who organizes the OFFRIDING events?
The idea behind OFFRIDING comes from Gerard, Sven and Andy and they are also responsible for the routes. The event organization is in the hands of HotChillee, which has more than a dozen years of experience organizing high quality multi-day cycling events. So you can rest assured all the details will be taken care of and you can focus on riding your bike and having fun.

I need additional information - where do I get it?
We hope all information relevant to the event is available on the web site. From time to time we will email supplemental or updated information. This "new" information will also be posted on the web site. Please note that we avoid "snail mail". If you require additional information or guidance please feel free to email us at


What are the dates of the event?
Sign On & Rider briefing – May 11, 2016
Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 – May 12-14, 2016
Departure day – May 15, 2016

Who else participates in the event?
You will find riders of all levels ranging from fit novices to high-level riders. You can enter as a group or by yourself, either way it will be easy to find a small group that matches your capability. Riders come from all over the world and the event is meant to be extremely sociable, that said you can also ride parts by yourself as you hop from group to group.

What kind of bike may I ride?
OFFRIDING tries to be as inclusive as possible, so we prefer not to place too many restrictions. However, your bike should be SAFE and appropriate for the event. For OFFRIDING AMS 2015, a road, cross or gravel bike is most appropriate. 28mm road tires would be perfect, but as small as 23mm is definitely doable. On the other end of the range, a small gravel/cross tire will work great too.

A mountain bike is really not necessary and will slow you down too much in the faster sections, unless you are in extremely good shape. If you are in any doubt then contact the organizers. The organization reserves the right to inspect all bicycles and determine whether or not they are appropriate for the event.

Note that no bicycle is permitted to have unconventional handlebars including triathlon bars, aero bars or clip-ons.

What insurance guidelines do you have?
We recommend that all riders take out travel insurance.

Do I need to carry a license or membership from my national cycling association or any other organization?
No license is required to participate in OFFRIDING events.

Travel insurance and the European Health Insurance Card.
Do remember to take out travel insurance when you are travelling outside of your home territory. In the case of European residents a European Health Insurance Card can prove extremely useful in getting often-free medical care in EU (and some other) member states. Some insurance policies may also mandate it. To apply for a European Health Insurance Card, ask your insurer or search for EHIC in your country.

When and where does Sign On take place?
Exact times and locations will be in your info pack.

Where is the start?
The start will be at the hotel every morning.

What time do I need to be there?
Exact times will be communicated to you later, but the start is from the hotel you’re staying in so it will be very straight-forward. You are also free to start at any time within the start-window so there won’t be any stress.

Where can I park and leave my car?
There is parking near the hotel where we stay before stage 1. This is the same hotel we will return to after the final stage, so you can leave your car there.

Where can I get last minute bike bits before the start?
Our mechanics will be on hand to assist you, but obviously their time and available parts will be limited. There is no substitute to arriving prepared.

Who manages the ride?
We provide a route suggestion as well as lunch stops, and we give you a mid-point to check in. But aside from the mandatory mid-point check-in, you are free to ride as you wish. Several ride captains will also be on the course and you are definitely welcome to join them on the ride.

What do I wear?
Helmets complying with international safety standards must be worn for the duration of the ride. Closed cycling shoes (no fancy sandals), shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety and for the simple reason that this is Amsterdam in May, not Honolulu in July. It is recommended that you take four sets of cycling kit and a plastic bag for the dirty clothes!

There is always a chance of rain (although it’s not as common as people think when they think about the Netherlands), and the temperature could be a bit cold, so definitely pack leg warmers, arm warmers, shoe covers, gloves, a rain jacket or two, warm base layers, etc. Better too many clothes than too few. But in general, the weather in May is very pleasant and it can be quite sunny even if the temperatures aren’t that high.

Post riding (and evening) dress is casual.

Personal Stereos and Headsets
For safety reasons they are not permitted whilst participating at OFFRIDING. At any rate, you’ll be too busy talking to other participants anyway.

Bag Service
We operate a bag service. The bags will be transported for you from hotel to hotel on the days we change hotels.

If you require items during the day, the best place to put them is on your person or bike. We will also give you a musette, which will be accessible at the mid-point pit stop. Each rider will be given a luggage label at Sign On, please ensure that this is attached securely to your bag. Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, cyclists are advised not to leave expensive, valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot take responsibility for any losses.

Only soft travel bags will be permitted and one bag per rider. In addition, we will store your bike bag or box for you.

Lost Property
We will have a lost property box, so please place or retrieve lost property from there. Lost property will be kept for 1 week after the event, and thereafter donated to charity. Any postal or couriered returns will be charged for.

Do we have mechanics?
Yes we have a full mechanics service. The service runs from fully fitted vans and thus most repairs can be facilitated. The service is available to deal with bike repairs/failures and problems.

What happens if I puncture or have a mechanical?
Let's hope that you do not puncture! Please try and ensure that you are using new tyres and tubes as this greatly reduces the chance of puncture.

Try to fix the puncture yourself; this will always be the fastest solution. We expect participants to bring their own spare tubes and inflation device. If you run into a bigger problem, you can call our mechanic. But because of the concept of OFFRIDING, riders will be spread out over a relatively large area, so it can take a while for the mechanic to reach you.

How do I pay for tubes, parts, etc used by the mechanic?
We use a "chit" system. All you need to do is sign for the items and your credit card will be charged after the event. In order to use this service you will need to sign a form during Sign On acknowledging that you will be using this service.

Where do I keep my sun screen, wallet, and other small items?
You can keep these personal items on your body, or if you only need them at the mid-day pit stop, you can place them in the musettes we will provide you with. Musettes are small bags that we will take to the mid-day pit stop for you, but we do not recommend you place anything too valuable in them, as all riders will have access to the musettes at the pit stop.

It might be useful to keep a dry top, arm and leg warmers and long sleeve in the musette in case it rains in the morning and you want to put on some fresh clothes mid-day.

What about lunch and nutrition on route?
Each day you can stop for lunch (and coffee, and apple pie, and a hot chocolate, and anything else you desire) wherever you wish. We will give you some suggestions each day, but you are not bound by them. You are only bound to stop by the mid-point pit stop, but you don’t have to have lunch there. It’s just the place where we catch up, have your musette available and support is available if necessary.

For sports nutrition, we recommend you bring the nutrition you’re used to. Using products that you haven’t used before can definitely negatively influence your riding.

The Route
GPS files of the route will be distributed before the event. It is your responsibility to load these files onto your GPS and to familiarize yourself with the route. The route is open to traffic, and you are warned to keep to the right of any roads, not cross the centre line at any time and to obey traffic regulations, traffic officers and authorized marshals. Other points to remember:

  • Whenever there is a bike path, please use it, that’s part of the OFFRIDING route.
  • If you find yourself with the choice between a paved road large enough for cars and a smaller path (paved or not), then the OFFRIDING route is meant to be the smaller path.
  • If you find yourself the choice between an unpaved car road and a smaller path, feel free to pick either.

We cross nature parks that are frequented by cyclists and hikers. Please be respectful of other people enjoying these great surroundings, don’t buzz past them unannounced and keep a safe distance. Also be aware of dogs; these tend to be well-trained in the Netherlands and they rarely chase after you, but give them a chance to get out of the way.

IT’S NOT A RACE! We want cyclists to keep access to these paths for decades to come, please don’t ruin it for those who come after you.

"Official Finisher" Status
To be classified as an "Official Finisher" you will need to ride the entire event, which means you need to start, reach the mid-point and the finish every day. And you need to do so without taking a car, train, plane or anything else that is not your bike!

What does “Official Finisher” Status mean?
It hopefully means something to yourself, because that is the goal of OFFRIDING, and something you can share with family, friends and other offriders around the world!


Passport (Visa)
European Health Insurance Card Cell phone (Be sure to enable roaming well before you leave. If you are coming from the USA or Asia, make sure that you have a GSM enabled phone.) Carry your phone on you for text alerts.
Telephone Charger

Travel Adapter
Cash - Euros
Credit Card
Small camera
Chamois Cream
Lip Balm
Pain Killers

Salt Tablets
Warm up and cool down creams

Baby wipes
HRM and strap

Plastic Bag for dirty cycle kit
Cycling clothes
Casual clothes
Water bottles

Gels, drink powders and energy bars
Fresh legs!


Most questions are answered in the FAQ section.

For any further inquiries, contact us at

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All OFFRIDING events have limited availability. The entry fee is €975 based on double occupancy, €1275 based on single occupancy. Registration is now open via the registration page.