OFFRIDING AMS — May 11-15, 2016

Welcome to OFFRIDING AMS, the free spirited cycling event exploring the most beautiful sites, scenery and experiences around Amsterdam through a surprising network of gravel paths.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s great cities, with its famed canals (a UNESCO World Heritage site), 100 museums and world-class cultural events. And of course it’s the bike capital of the world, creating such oddities as bicycle traffic jams and 3-storey bike parking garages.

But pedal outside the hustle and bustle of this fantastic city and a completely different world opens up, with beautiful nature and plenty of unpaved joy. That said, the next village is never far away, “village” being a code word for bakery, café or lunch spot.

OFFRIDING AMS is a Blue Category event suitable for G- equipment. The category definitions are as follows:

Toughness Category:

Blue The gravel/dirt sections are fairly fast while tougher sections are short. In principle these events feature fewer than 1,000 vertical meters per day. Saddle time for riders with reasonable fitness is 4-6 hours a day, plus breaks.
Red Rough gravel/dirt sections, prolonged climbs and/or long distances are common, but in principle everything is rideable. Up to 2,000 vertical meters per day, while stages with less climbing usually feature more distance. Saddle time is 5-8 hours.
Black The combination of surface, climbing and distance make these our toughest events. Up to 4,000 vertical meters per day and stretches that may be unridable ensure that saddle time is 6-10 hours.

Equipment Category:

G- Gravel-specific tire not necessary; a road tire is sufficient. We do recommend a 28mm or 25mm tire if it will fit your bike. Use a Gravel/Cross tire for ultimate comfort.
G Gravel/Cross-specific tire recommended; this course contains rough stretches where the bigger tire will improve comfort and puncture resistance.
G+ The toughest possible terrain; we recommend a small mountain bike tire or at the very least a large (40mm+) Gravel/Cross tire.


May 11, 2016: Arrival and registration
Amsterdam is easy to get to, either by train, car or plane. Our hotel is close to the train station (with direct, 15min connection to the airport) and car parking (note that parking rates in all of Amsterdam are high, 40-50€ per 24h). Once you settle in, you’re free to explore the city or do anything else your heart desires. All the famous areas of Amsterdam are within walking distance, or you can take the tram.

May 12, 2016: Stage 1: Amsterdam-Zeist, 120km
This is the first leg of our 3-day loop, and takes us to some spectacular vistas. Ride atop the defense structures of a 400-year-old walled city, fly across heather fields, explore the woods and even encounter a few – albeit short – climbs. Nothing too serious of course, this is after all the pancake-flat Netherlands!

May 13, 2016: Stage 2: Zeist-Zeist, 112km
Today we go deeper towards the south and east, with some beautiful, long stretches of dirt paths. We also encounter the toughest terrain, especially if you go off-route in the middle section. Depending on the weather you might encounter some very loose sand or great mud pits. Either way this will be the day your true grit will be needed to conquer the true Dutch grit. We loop back to Zeist, to the same hotel, so you don’t need to pack any bags today.

May 14, 2016: Stage 3: Zeist-Amsterdam, 110km
The final leg, with lots of gravel and dirt along some beautiful lakes. Sometimes you’ll ride on narrow dams with water on both sides, and riding back into Amsterdam you’ll be surprised how close you can get to the city center while still feeling like you are off-the-beaten-path.

That evening, we have a nice celebratory dinner where we’ll exchange awards, stories and plans for the future.

May 15, 2016: Departure
All good things come to an end, and today is departure day.

What’s included?

  • Hotel accommodation from May 11-15 based on double rooms (single rooms available at a surcharge).
  • Dinner on May 11, breakfast & dinner on May 12-14, breakfast on May 15.
  • Crewed pit stops.
  • Mechanical support on call.
  • GPS Routes.
  • Baggage forwarding.
  • Storage for your bike bag or box during the event.
  • Ride captains (in principle offriding is about finding your own way, but we have ride captains available for those who would prefer some more guidance).
  • Mechanic available on first-come-first-serve basis (parts costs are extra).
  • Professional event photography & video.
  • Exciting awards for undefined categories (best bike conversion, worst dressed rider, etc).
  • Fun!

Not included:

  • Lunch (simply put, we have no idea where you’ll be, what awesome paths you might decide to explore. We will give you a few lunch options on- and off-course though, just in case you need our culinary recommendations on apple pie and pancakes).
  • Travel to and from the hotel in Amsterdam.
  • GPS device. You will need a GPS device that can display the route map (so not just turn-by-turn instructions) in order to ride the event (or ride with somebody who has one). If you don’t own one, you can buy one from us prior to the event. Just send us an email at
  • (Sightseeing) activities in your spare time.
  • Drinks.


Most questions are answered in the FAQ section.

For any further inquiries, contact us at

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All OFFRIDING events have limited availability. The entry fee is €975 based on double occupancy, €1275 based on single occupancy. Registration is now open via the registration page.